The best publisher forgotten PC and console games that gamers will remember

Turok series

Some gamers may remember the Turok shooter series . Many people liked it for its high dynamics and an interesting setting with dinosaurs. Turok: Evolution was released in 2002 and was the last game in the series to be published by Acclaim . In 2004, the latter went bankrupt, and the ubiquitous Disney Interactive bought the rights . Propaganda Studios took over the reboot of the series, releasing Turok in 2008 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And it was a pretty sad and shitty game. Despite not encouraging reviews, the developers began work on the sequel. In 2009, Disney went through a wave of layoffs. Turok 2 was put in a deep box and no one remembered about it again.


Zone of the Enders series

In the Zone of the Enders series , two parts were released and the second was sold sluggishly and did not find positive feedback from the players. In 2011, both games were reissued in an HD compilation, and after that information appeared that it seemed like they started developing the Enders Project . But the trouble is that the collection was made by crooked developers who managed to mess up a lot, which, in turn, hit the development of the future game. In 2017, a VR remake of the second part was released, but it also became neither fish nor meat.


Medal of Honor Series

Few would argue that the Medal of Honor series is iconic. In 2010, the Medal of Courage was released and got into a fierce scandal, because the developers were allowed to play for the militants. And although later this feature was completely removed from the game, this did not help the case. Warfighter was released in 2012 and fell short of sales and expectations. In the end, Electronic Arts decided to focus on Battlefield and retire the Medal of Courage. In 2019, Respawn Entertainment announced the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond shooter for the Oculus VR headset, but it will be a very niche project.


Timesplitters Series

Three games have been released in the Timesplitters series . The franchise became popular due to the fact that it ridiculed all the cliches in video games and movies, was not serious and had a peppy gameplay. Future Perfect , released in 2005, was the last in the series. In 2007, Free Radical announced Timesplitters 4 , but developers couldn’t find a publisher. Finally, in 2018, the rights to the series passed to THQ Nordic , and so far it has remained silent on this matter.

Earthworm Jim Series

Worm Jim is a franchise from the 90s. She became popular thanks to her hero, a cynical worm in an armored suit, destroying the evil in his path. The character became so iconic that he received a series of figures and his own animated series. But then released in 1999, part of Earthworm Jim 3D , released on PC and Nintendo 64, was a complete failure. They tried to resurrect the worm later, planning development on the PS2 and Xbox, but it was canceled. In 2010, an HD remake of the original was released. Since then, there has been complete silence about the franchise, and the chances that someone will want to take up the development of a new part again tends to zero.


Twisted Metal Series

The Twisted Metal series consists of 10 parts, the last of which was released in 2012. But since then, there has been silence around the series. Sony Pictures even announced the film once, but then it was canceled. In 2015, Twisted Metal: Black got a re-release on PS4, but that was more of an excuse to make some money from fans of the franchise and test the waters. Sony doesn’t seem to be very interested in continuing the series, which is a shame!


Legacy of Kain Series

The Legacy of Kain series has five full-fledged games and tells about vampires. The last chapter of the Defiance saga was released in 2003. In 2009, Square Enix decided to outsource the development of Legacy of Kain: Black Sun to Climax Studios . The next part was supposed to be dark and bloody, but after three years of development, failed tests and funding problems, it was canceled. An attempt to create an MMO game in a universe called Nosgoth also ended in failure in 2016. It doesn’t look like the franchise is planning to revive anytime soon.

Prince of Persia Series

The story of Prince of Persia began in 1989 as a platformer. In 1993, the second part was released, and in 1999, Prince of Persia 3D . All three were successful. Then in 2003 Ubisoft came in and released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, launching a new series and breathing new life into it. The last full-fledged game was the Forgotten Sands of the 2010 model. In the same period, the film of the same name was released, which turned out to be a failure and received many phayspalms from critics and viewers. Not long ago, Ubisoft announced a VR adventure Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time . But whether the company, if successful, will decide to move on is a big question.

Half-Life Series

I’ll mention Half-Life for the sake of decency. The series is well-known, everyone knows about it, needs no introduction. Will we wait for Half-Life 3 ? Hardly! But the VR action game Half-Life: Alyx will appear on March 23, 2020. Perhaps the success of the game will prompt Valve to think that it is not only helmet owners who want to immerse themselves in their favorite story again.

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