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Hello friends. Let’s take rest from Netflix and plunge into the world of another series called zagruki ( the Upload ) from the service Amazon’s Original . The show positions itself as science fiction with a touch of humor, irony and romance. And all this is really here. Even somewhere remotely there is a slightly detective branch that stretches through the entire first season.


The main message of the series is as follows: in the future, people learned to transfer consciousness into virtual worlds, which gave a chance to live, if not forever, then at least until they invent the reverse transition to a real body. As usual, various corporations and smaller companies immediately took advantage of the invention, which began to churn out their versions of the worlds where the dying were sent for money, or simply those who were tired of their mortal existence. The rich go to the good worlds with quality graphics, concierge service, click-to-follow tech support, and so on. In general, as the famous saying goes: any whim for your money. The poor are left to be content with limited worlds, limited by traffic, with gray walls and a dull existence. They live in hope for the future but the directors tell us that the future is very dark and monotonous. And perhaps death would be preferable in this case.

Headless death

The main character Nathan dies in an accident. His girlfriend Ingrid, an extravagant and rich beauty, sends her beloved to the dear world of Lake View, where there is everything the client wants. From this moment, the girl Nora, a technical support employee, appears in the hero’s life. They have good communication, which develops into friendship, and then into love. But this is where the catch lies – Nathan is loaded, and Nora is a living person and their relationship is possible only in the virtual world. Maximum, using suits with tactile feedback. As I mentioned at the beginning, a detective line begins to develop in parallel, in which we are told that Nathan’s memory is lost as a result of some kind of sabotage by the bad guys. I will not say who, because there will be a bold spoiler.

Wallet or bot

There are not so many characters in the show, and it is tied, in fact, to two or three main locations, but the message of the series is not in its globality. In addition to the relationship of the main characters and the intrigue about who is bad here, the directors are trying to convey another idea that is closely intertwined with the world in which we live. Marketing is the foundation of everything. From each iron we are offered to buy something, to use this or that service, and a lot is tied up online. In the world of the heroes of the series, the gap between the rich and the poor is very well shown, the obsession of modern advertising and the fact that you can buy almost anything – you just have to open your wallet wider. A good example is that in the virtual world where the hero lives, there are advertising bots that offer various services and goods. For the basic cost of staying in this eternal resort, you can get a lot of interesting things, but additional options have their own, quite tangible price. Do you want a virtual Burger King burger or play golf? Kindly pay! And this, for a minute, is where the rich live, capable of providing their sweet virtual life every month. Quite obvious parallels with our real modern world.

In general, the series does not carry any innovative or original idea. We’ve seen this in one form or another in books, movies or other shows. Indeed, it is pointless to deny it. But the show is catchy. From the first episodes. And you know what? The lack of pathos, its simplicity, the lives of the heroes and the way their relationship develops. In some places the show offers to look at what is happening through the prism of comic relief. There is especially a lot of humor at the beginning of the series, and at first glance it might seem like a comedy show. But it is not so. By the end of the season, there is more drama, feelings and empathy for the main characters.


But what about the actors? Nathan takes the role of Robbie Amell ( by Robbie Amell ), cousin Stephen Amell ( Stephen Amell ), known to many viewers of superhero series Arrow . A Nora plays Andy Allo ( Andy Allo ). To be honest, the cast of the show is little known in wide circles. Perhaps some will be able to find William B. Davis ( William B. Davis ), who is also smoker -Files… But the actor is here on a small role and his screen time is limited to a maximum of twenty minutes. The fact that there are few familiar faces for many viewers (personally, I have seen far from all the actors before, and some only briefly in episodic roles) is actually good. Fresh faces, fresh emotions! Honestly, there are no questions about the entire cast – they play their roles well with honest emotions that make the audience believe them. Even the minor characters are very good here and are successfully inserted into the episodes.

Watch or not?

There are ten episodes in the Download, each half an hour, except for the pilot, and if you wish, it is quite possible to swallow the series in a couple of days. I want to note that many will want to do this, because each episode encourages them to find out what will happen to the characters next. So let’s wrap up the traditional summary – is it worth watching Downloading? Frankly, I liked his soulfulness. If I was asked to describe the Download in one word, I would say home. The show is really cozy, without excessive self-confidence and pretense. Lampovo, it will be pleasant and perfect for an evening tea. I recommend the Download to Watch, but remember, if you like complex dramas or very clever movies, then you shouldn’t overpower yourself – you may not get this show!

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