Review of the series Rain (The Rain) – Post-Apocalyptic from Netflix

six years ago, the virus rained down deadly, killing tons of people. The father of two children, being an employee of a certain corporation Appolo, sends the family (the eldest daughter Simone and the youngest son Rasmus) to the bunker. At the same time, he himself set off supposedly to save humanity, naturally, without returning back. Six years have passed. Teenagers are running out of resources and have to come to the surface, not knowing what awaits them above.

We’ve already seen all this

In general, nothing unusual happens, which we have not seen dozens of times in other films and TV shows. Virus, bunker, corpses and travelers wandering through devastated cities. In short, Rain is an adventure social network. There is a place for drama, intrigue, moderate dynamics and an obligatory love line. When the heroes leave their narrow world in which they spent years, they meet a group of young people united by a common goal. As it should be in such shows, wary relationships are replaced by friendships and even love ones, and now they all travel together.

You will not see any large-scale locations here – the series has a rather limited budget, but in each episode something happens, and the overall dynamics does not let you get bored. New faces, acquaintances, connections are constantly encountered. The heroes are always sorting out among themselves, in relationships, periodically they shoot at someone, or someone is hunting them. The main line of the whole show is the relationship between brother and sister and in parallel builds chemistry between the group and the heroes.

Viruses, mutations …

By the second season, the action is gaining momentum, locations are replaced by more distant ones, and the group changes in size. The action focuses more on Rasmus and his special abilities that appear over time. For those who will still watch the show, I will not throw spoilers and tell you what the problem is. It is only worth noting that nothing extraordinary will happen and the discerning viewer will immediately guess what is wrong. Although the directors are not trying to inject any mystery.

My advice to you is that if you watch the series, then you should not delve into the logic of what is happening. Honestly, there are a lot of inconsistencies and blunders here. From my point of view, the show should be perceived solely as an adventure survivor in a conditional post-apocalypse after an epidemic. Here are the heroes from point A to point B, meet adventures on the way to their fifth points, and if they succeed, they will also save their whole country from the virus. If you start to wonder why it is like this here, and there it is different, you will only break your head.

Picture and sound

The show is mostly filmed in dark, neutral tones, I suspect, to emphasize the dullness of post-apocalyptic life. The picture is not bad, in places with the picturesque landscapes of Europe. I can’t mention the sound separately – to be honest, I don’t remember it. A neutral background that does not sink into the soul.

If you think about it, the Rain is a reference product on this subject without much zest, but with pleasant actors, honest emotions and with a couple of unexpected twists and turns. Strong middling, after which you can while away another hour, when there is absolutely nothing to do. If someone asks me if I would recommend Rain for watching, I cannot give a definite answer. On the one hand, I liked everything, if we abstract from the jambs, on the other hand, if you didn’t start watching it, then you should not waste time starting.


At the moment, Rain has been officially extended for a third season, which is due out in 2020. However, this is logical, because interrupting the narrative on the second would be wild, even taking into account the fact that the show lacks stars from the sky, because the plot has not yet ended with some logical note. The series has its own audience, and this is enough to complete the Rain with a final chord. In conclusion, I will say that I would like to talk about the series in more detail, but this is not a show that I want to discuss in detail, but to waste time from empty to empty only take up precious time. By and large, if you are interested in the post-apocalyptic setting, then watch the first couple of episodes, and you yourself will understand whether you are hooked or not!

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