Yes, yes, yes, you saw everything correctly! This is a fan-made video game based on the best digest about prehistoric games “Retrozor”, stealth action with elements of acrobatic platforming.

Retrozor: The Chronicles of Widdick takes you on a dangerous and exciting adventure. By chance, the Editor-in-Chief of the “Retrozor” program is left alone on an unknown planet. Abandoned and forgotten, he goes in search of any way to get home, back to his friends. Clouds thickened over the Main in the form of a wild threat, deadly traps and betrayals. Will he be able to go back and stay alive?

Time to explain!

Someone may remember my last project – RETROZOR THE VIDEOGAME. So, it was canceled. The reason is simple: my exorbitant enthusiasm was directly proportional to my experience. During the entire development of the game, I managed to pump my artistic and logical skills. After a year of work, I began to notice that the final look of the project, alas, is depressing than pleasing. And many of these jambs could not be quickly changed or tweaked, gross mistakes were made at the root, at the very beginning of development. I stopped working on the failed attempt and immediately sat down to develop a design document for my “bug fix”. This work became Retrozor: CoW.


For the past six months I have been poring over a new game based on Retrozor. The game itself is a free retelling of episode 60. The main one remains abandoned and forgotten on a poorly populated planet, from which he is looking for any way to get home. On the way, the hero will meet unfriendly locals and cunning traps. In the game you will find a short but memorable adventure for 2-3 hours. Retrozor: CoW welcomes you with expressive pixel-art and dynamic animation, while 8-bit soundtrack brings a touch of such enchanting and aesthetic retro.

And yes, this is not a demo, not a trial version, not the first episode, etc. The game is completely ready and most likely will not be supplemented. Download the game for free on my itch page, feel free to play and share your impressions in the comments here, on the itch page or in the Vk group (All links are just below).


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