Bringing something new to fantasy racial canons and going beyond the established human-elf-gnome threesome is a difficult task, akin to creating a new IP. It so happens that it looks like a schoolboy’s inept work on a notebook sheet, is pulled out of memory, and then thrown into the trash can in a crumpled lump.


The recent righteous indignation of the Larian studio about the scanty use of opportunities for character creation by the players made me remember – how often do developers give us the freedom to do something in the editor in an attempt to create something interesting and unusual, beyond the usual framework? It’s a shame, but this is rare and the more valuable successful examples become.


Let’s remember those games where the creators allowed themselves to go beyond the established canons, creating shtetl and lore-rich unique races. I will devote the first part to those cases where we are free to grow our own virtual tails and become covered with scales, but at the same time not going down nine MMO laps.

Qunari, Dragon Age: Inquisition

For three parts of DA, the Qunari have changed a lot, but the developers managed to get out pretty well and weave it into the lore. In Origin we meet one representative of this race – Stan, with the opportunity to take him to the group. Outwardly, he is indistinguishable from a person, perhaps larger. The second part suddenly presents them as sturdy stag beetles, unlike our old companion. The fact is that the Qunari are ardent followers of the Kun religion, but representatives of any race and gender can join it, although this is rather an exception. The design of the horned ones is generally the only thing (besides Varric, of course!) That DA2 has brought good things, and Andraste will have mercy on her. But the Inquisition not only introduces us to the incredibly charismatic Iron Bull, but also gives the Qunari Inquisitor to sit on the throne.

Godlike, Aumaua and Eagles, Pillars of Eternity

The God-like are the most mysterious race in the game and my new favorites. Asexual creatures, the appearance of which is distinguished by growths that close the eyes, feathers on the body, halos and much more. They can be born to representatives of any race and are divided into five types: deadly, fiery, lunar, natural and feathered.


Aumaua (mantra, flies straight from the tongue) are powerful, mostly friendly, semi-aquatic. They have sharp shark teeth, which makes their smile irresistible. Depending on the residence, there are island and coastal aumaua.

Eagles are warlike feathered hobbits. Few people communicate with, they live mostly on their own, they make good trackers and druids.

Undead and lizards, Divinity

You can get undead from any race. Logical, simple and wonderful. My choice. Although, due to the presence of some kind of intelligence, it would be more correct to attribute them to the eternal, because the vast majority of the undead are unreasonable.

Lizards in Divinity are not much like Argonians, very arrogant. Behave like dragons.

Rodians (Rodians), Zabrak, Twi-Lekk and Kel-Dor, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Of course, we can hardly talk about roleplaying (the genre is still not an RPG), but for the game of that time there is a good editor here and you can make yourself a colorful Jedi. The strange thing is that all four races have gender moratoriums. The game of course knocks out a little out of the canvas – Star Wars has an old and famous lore, although the Academy is not canon.

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