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Darkness Rises Review: There’s no going around just how effective Darkness Rises looks. It’s one of the most accurate visual accomplishments we’ve seen on the App Store for a long while. Sure, it’s pretty general, but when the polygons are in motion it’s breathtaking.


Darkness Rises Review 2020 By Nexon Android & PC

And, for the most part, it gets its intensity just right. The complexity is calculated with the boundaries of touchscreen controls pretty darn well, and while there are several hiccups here and there, there’s nothing that’s going to make you quit the game with a flouncy smirk.






Darkness Rises review - An action slasher that's more midcore than ...


The main grievance you’re likely to have is about the menus and currencies and update trees. There’s a lot going on here behind the pictures, and if you want to reach you’re going to have to understand it right then you understand the combos you can dish out.

The game sees you legging it through a dark fiction world, slashing everything that moves. Well, depending on the class you choose you might be knocking or firing balls of magic, but the primary idea is the same – destroy.

There are a variety of different sorts of difficulties, but for the most part, it only wins positions and allies that change. Your focus is still on death. You unleash your simple strike combos by pressing down a big button in the bottom right of the screen.



Around that, there are a number of other keys portraying your skills. You’ve got a dodge key too, and every now and then skull keys pop up too.

These let you deploy one-hit kills that trigger some pretty gory animations.

For the most part, the keys work fine. There were a few occurrences when the buttons didn’t work while I was playing, but this is less a game about accuracy and more a game about making sure your numbers are big enough before you move into a battle.

You manage those numbers with a variety of menus. You’re botching with your gear, stats, skills, and more. And to begin with, you’re going to be more than powerful enough to take everything that the game pitches at you.


Darkness Rises Key Features:

  • Combo-Based Action Combat – chain attacks and skills together to rack up vicious combos and end the fight with flashy finishing moves.
  • Epic Boss Fights – take on challenging bosses at the end of every dungeon each with different attack patterns. Evade and counter their attacks to quickly bring them to heel.
  • Soul Link Ability ­– seize control of a fallen enemy’s body and use it against their allies.
  • Dungeon Raids ­– band together with your guildmates and allies to take on challenging raid dungeons in search of rare loot and gears.
  • Top-Notch Graphics and Effects – immerse yourself in the game with awe-inspiring 3D environments, fluid animations, and flashy combos and effects.


Make your notion and defend the Kingdom of Losteria from a huge Orc army in Darkness Rises. An evil army has taken control of the Orcs and has sent them looting and ravaging across the kingdom.

The border fortress Iron Guard is all that stands among them and the Kingdom of Losteria. Choose from one of four classes each with their own powers and weaknesses, from the magic-wielding Wizard to the rampaging Berserker.

Join in epic action combat as you take on orcs, trolls, and other beasts in defense of the kingdom. Chain drives and skills together to rack up extensive combos and finish your opponents off with epic finishing moves.


Review of Darkness Rises by Nexon - The High Tech Society


Improve your tools and skills with gold and loot earned from completing dungeons. Follow an immersive storyline in Story Mode or collect loot and gear to grow stronger in Adventure Mode.

Team up with your colleagues or join a trade to take on stimulating raid dungeons in search of better and more powerful gear. You are the only one standing in the way of Losteria’s destruction. Will you rise to the moment?

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