Darkness Rises Game Updated 2020

Darkness Rises Game: Explore the unbelievable RPG action-adventure game that you’ll surely discover fascinating. With astonishing graphics, in-depth contents, and addictive combats, gamers will find themselves having a lot of pleasure pumping through the levels and challenges in the game.

Choose your preferred heroes in your grand journey to crush the evils. Make use of bizarre powers and strengths to deal with the beasts. Travel the massive lands and reveal the hidden myths. Find a variety of different enemies and come out on top after an epic encounter.


Darkness Rises Game Story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being proposed to a chaotic and uncertain world with the Darkness preparing for their grand onslaughts toward mankind.



Darkness Rises Game Story


Here, only fear and terror reign on every heart and every soul of the people who has undergone too much from the destructions. If only someone could give them a slight flash of hope.

The Kingdom of Listeria is in danger with the orcs’ unexpected assaults, thousands of lives have to lay trash as they sweep through cities after cities neglecting nothing behind other than the red rivers that run with blood.


Darkness Rises Game


In this uncontrolled and unfortunate event, there is little that we can do besides grouping ourselves inside the formidable walls.

But this time, even the walls will not be sufficient to save the kingdom from the everlasting enemies’ attacks.

It seems like there is only a wonder could save the town and the souls inside its walls.

And it’s like God has heard the prayers of the people, and God has sent a great warrior to crush the orcs and return peace to the areas.

And you, being the stars of the stories, will be the one to destroy the destructive forces and bring calmness to the lands once more.


Darkness Rises Game


But you can’t do it single-handed. We’ll need all the heroes in the range to our forces.

Hence, you can join others in the last stand from mankind to beat the beasts and put an end to their advances.

Give it your best or our world will be captured by the enemies and humanity will endure.

That being said, you can pick your own champions in the game, pick your favourite classes, put on your equipment and weapons to dive into the epic clashes against the forces of evils.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Feel free to create and customize your characters in the game

To start with, gamers in Darkness Rises will find themselves having way to the amazing customizable roles. Here you can choose your hero classes and gender.


Darkness Rises Game


But most importantly, the game will enable you to choose among various looks to put on your characters. That being said, you can modify your appearances with great details using the available customizing choices.

Explore your creativity and create your characters from scratch.



Darkness Rises” is an ultimate game with exceptional graphics and fluid gameplay.

Since I am also playing this wonderful game for about 2 years, it’s excellent gameplay pushed me to share this game specification, its response in a social network, and many other things through this blog.

I am delighted with this incredible game and expect you will also support me after inspecting its specialties and specifications. Everyone must try this at once. 

It can operate on 3 GB ram variant mobile phones. It has innovative gameplay and has a fabulous story mode.

You can say it is similar to God of War. Many things are identical, like it has many bosses with terrifying energies and appearances. It is an “ RPG Action Game


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