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Darkness Rises cheat world: the domain of iron guard is in command of securing the northeast fringes of the kingdom of Losteria.


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Iron guard always held the formation, until, one day, a legion of ferocious ores hit in the entrances of our fortress.

Lord Roderick was saved from the orcish ambush, but there were still clashes being waged during iron guard.

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After we saved Helene, our next move was to go south and join up with father. Helene seemed severely injured from the battle, however.

I learned there are a lot of rivals on the way to the southern wall. It’ll take a long time to beat them all. Why don’t i show you alternative? Tap the venture button at the bottom of the screen.

This is the map of our world. Select iron guard to go there.


Darkness Rises Characters:

• warrior – a knight who delivers dynamic and dazzling strikes with a longsword. Uses a variety of skills to be a balanced, talented fighter.

• wizard – a great mage who uses a enraptured staff to cast spells. Pushes the elements, excelling at ranged combat.

• berserker – a battle crazed berserker who trounces competitors with his axe. Few opponents can stand up to his furious attack.

• Assassin – an active assassin that wields double swords with masterful precision. Cuts down opponents with a tornado of blows.

Hold attack button to continuously handle combos. Use the beauty shop to make your character bizarre. It’s much more natural to clear a stage if your character has the advised power.

To advertise your custom hairstyle, hide your helm in the gear menu. Essence – this is the place to magnify your base stats. Try to improve your stats by using the essence you’ve got.

If you have sufficient materials, the image will be recognized with a red dot, to let you intensify other stats. Mystical essence – this item can be utilized as a material to enhance characters.




Darkness Rises secret code hack tips Tip, android gameplay secrets: your gear items get extra jewel slots and attributes as their standards rise. Gear decked with jewels is far more powerful.

Building journeys is the most active way to level up. Once you amplify each stat to level 5, your stats can be considerably progressed all at once.

If you’re having a troublesome time in action, collect essence to improve your stats. For more flowing gameplay try exciting buff settings before starting.

You can use clear tickets after you get 3 stars in a stage. Darkness rises is more delightful together! Join a guild to access even more great content.

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