Darkness Rises is a mobile game that is available on both Android and iOS.
Darkness rises is the third chapter of the great Dark Avengers series brought to you by NEXON.

The aim of the game is to use one of the many playable classes and back against an army of devils!

This lone Action RPG blends amazing graphics with an intense story to form a game unlike any other. Released globally on June 21, 2018, Download it today to enjoy its high feature graphics darkness rises story.


Darkness Rises Pc


Darkness Rises apk

Among the top trending android games Darkness Rises is one of the most popular third party action play RPG fantasy world games having four different characters to start your game or journey with.

There are options to choose berserker, warrior, wizard, and assassin. Along with this it gives you multiple designs, classes, and characters to choose or customize with and fits your play style.


Darkness Rises apk


Darkness Rises apk


Darkness Rises apk


Before jumping into the battle you must be fully equipped with weapons and armors and can also unlock new abilities to strengthen your character.

You have the option to level up your abilities and weapons with gold coins you earn while playing.

This game has innovative gameplay. Hq graphics and thrilling boss battle to maximize your energy level.

Darkness escalates across the whole land with a bunch of frightful devils to crack our gates.

Before it destroys our whole world you must defend and plunge into hell and this would be backbreaking for you.

Legendary heroes are at your back to play their role with magic welding wizard and earth-shattering DARKNESS RISES Berserker.


Darkness Rises apk


Darkness Rises apk



Darkness rises gameplay is almost the same as the other titles in the genre.

On the right-hand side of the screen you will find multiple action buttons to play with while on the left hand of the screen, you have virtual movement stick to move back and forth.

This game has an extraordinary magical anime and cartoonist images with multi graphics and different types of modes of combat.

Its professional battle pictures keep you engage with the game. Conquer the darkness before it conquers you. Download now.


Darkness Rises Review & Gameplay


Darkness Rises Android

Darkness rises is a free android game with amazing and HD quality graphics.

In this role-playing game, one has to save earth from evils and demons with their extra combat skills and armored equipped weapons.


Role-playing games have a separate fan base with the best fan base in the world of video games.

It contains amazing stories about witches, dungeons, dragons, dwarves, wizards and knights which makes it unique and hard for players to pass these levels if the game and it becomes extremely hard to tackle all these faces of devils.


Darkness Rises Android


This game has become the weakness of many people, specifically for those who spent most of their time in front of desktops and pcs in the ’90s and ’80s.


Darkness rises have proven to be the most popular game among all ages of people. From time to time people have shifted towards advanced platforms.

You also have the option to download this game on your iPad or iPhone.

Evils and demons want to invade underworld gates to knock down the whole planet. The player must take control of the world and destroy all demons and evils before it gets late.


Darkness Rises Android


Select your player and start the battle to fight with your darkness rises, enemies. Use your armor and weapons to crush your foes.

Earn a lot of loot by completing missions through your abilities. Immerse yourself in the story of the game to make it more enjoyable and then face the biggest demon and fight till death.


Darkness Rises Pets

There are two ways to obtain pets.
Case A) Go to [Menu > Chests > Pet] to summon a pet with gems. The pet’s rank will be A~S.
Case B) B rank pets can be obtained from various content including events.


Darkness Rises Pets


Darkness Rises Pets


Darkness Rises Pets


Darkness Rises Archer

In this game of darkness, your player power is determined by the armor, weapons, costumes & gear.

If we talk about the real game. what matters the most is your skillset and the way you have used and consumed them.

The selection of your hero would predict the win or loss of your game and it surely makes a big difference in your game.

As soon as you process, the game AI will force you to level up your skills when they become accessible. Players should focus on maximizing their skills and spend their skill points conservatively.


Darkness Rises Archer


Darkness Rises Archer


Darkness Rises Archer


It is assumed that the archer damage output is slightly disbalance and continues to be higher than that of other heroes.

You have to take precedence by using your strongest skills and bombs as an archer. You then need to use “wind walk” power to fill the gap before you rain down arrows on your enemies.

Wind walk power will put down your opponent by using the perfect combo and perfect range. You can use this power with a multishot (knockback effect) and supernova (airborne effect).


Darkness Rises Archer


Once they connect, these effects will be followed by some more auto-attacks and a great deal of damage is done when your enemy is pinned against the wall.b This results in a big damaging effect on your enemy.


Darkness Rises App

[Permission Management]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher – Go to Settings > Applications, select the app and toggle permissions
▶ Under Android 6.0 – Update OS version to revoke permissions, or uninstall the app
※ The app may not ask for individual permissions, in which case you can allow or block them manually following the steps explained above.
※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.


Darkness Rises App


Darkness Rises App


 Darkness Rises Assasin

Here we have compiled some best guides and tops to improve assassins’ character in the game and get success easily. Let’s jump into it.

When dealing with assassin characters in the game, you might face many difficulties during the completion of the game as the life stat of Assasin’s is not that good and it will become hard for you to pass these difficult stages of the game.


 Darkness Rises Assasin


Darkness rises is a game with big demons and devils and it would be hard for an assassin to survive the attacks of these enemies as this character half if its HP in one attack and with two attacks you will be no more in the game and can not survive these critical damages.

That’s, not it, on the other hand, if we look out the positive side, this character has amazing attacking speed and with this lighting, speed Assasin has the power to destruct the enemies within no time.


 Darkness Rises Assasin


 Darkness Rises Assasin


Additionally, defense of Assasin is also superb but its HP power stat makes this character poor and less effective.

But don’t worry..!

we have also covered some best cheats, tricks, and tips to survive in the game with the assassin and how to increase its power.

Assassin is a character that destroys its enemies with dual swords and masterful precision and cuts down its enemies with a thrilling blow.


Darkness Rises Adventure RPG

Darkness rises considered t be one of the finest visual motion games which force you to stick around with your mobile or any gadget you are playing the game on.

Its movement and motions are breathtaking for the player playing the game.

To make your enemies stunned and wipe out your enemies, you need to upgrade your armor and trees.

If you really want to succeed in the game, playing it simply won’t make a way out, you have to use multiple combos and patterns to destroy your enemies.


Darkness Rises Adventure RPG


Key Features:


• Hack and slash your way through demons and hordes of monsters

• Single-player RPG mode lets you face the demonic horde on your own

• Explore the various levels of dark dungeons



• This Roleplaying games with challenging boss battles that will put your skills to the test

• PvE battles grow more intense as you venture deeper into the abyss


Darkness Rises Adventure RPG



• Enjoy epic visuals that will truly immerse you into the world of Darkness Rises

• Fantasy RPG gameplay mechanics – use the Soul Link ability to seize control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves

• Take legendary heroes on dungeon raids – gather your allies to explore menacing dungeons and discover rare loot

• Join a guild and form a party of warriors



• The Character creator lets you build your character from the ground up

• Warrior, Wizard, Assassin or Berserker – choose your class and descend into darkness


Darkness Rises Adventure RPG


Darkness Rises Best Class

Choosing the darkness rises classes can be difficult and that’s where the game changes.

Assassin, berserker, warrior, wizard. There are some things to remember, each character can reach up to the maximum level of 60 and when you reach up to this level, it gives an overall advantage of 3% on stats.

Consider building class of each character up to 60 so overall it gives you an advantage of 9% stats (hp, speed, attack, defense)

These classes can be chosen according to your play style depending on your playing tactics


1- Berserker: this character is the tallest and largest among all classes. He has a giant ax with more damaging strikes but little slower in action

2- Assassin: This character wields twin swords and has a much faster action rate as compared to all other classes which can result in higher damaging effect

3- Warrior: This character is a combination of Assassin and Berserker with moderate strength sword attacks and strikes

4- Wizard: This character is unique among all the characters of this game. She uses magical assaults to rip her enemies instead of using physical weapons.

5- Archer: Archer is an elf, she has a large bow to take down her enemies and goes for fast range attacks. She has a wide range of abilities which characters don’t have


Darkness Rises Best Class


By building classes of all the characters or playing with all characters, you will get reward of 4X.

This game has an option to share PVP reward, duo dungeon, login bonus and quest with each character.

Suppose you are in the game as an assassin and passed duo-dungeon and earn upgraded stones. Now you can use this reward to upgrade and gear up other character’s classes.

This is due to shared inventory, so if you want to achieve 4x reward, you have to play with all the character classes


Darkness Rises Cheats

You have surely passed basic levels of darkness rises that’s why you are looking for darkness rises cheats to pass difficult levels ahead.

Using cheats, hacks, and tricks is possible in this game by using various methods like bots, macros, game files, tools and much more. Most advanced and tricky ways to download the modified game client.


Darkness Rises Cheats


As darkness rises is an RPG series and it comes under Nexon game servers so it’s impossible for the player to have unlimited power, items, gold, infinite free gems, and health and it can not be hacked by any means.

Furthermore, the hack is the term usually used in mobile gaming, since they come in APK’s or IPA’s for android and ios.

These mods of the game can be modified or hacked and this version of the game can be installed or downloaded as there is no way you can make changes in the original game file. Right after installing the game, you may start the game and it will automatically all the cheats and hacks.


Darkness Rises Cheats


Darkness Rises Cheats


The only downside of this darkness rises mobile game is that when a new version of the game will be available or it will be updated, you will not be able to play the game as the mod will be outdated. Therefore if this is the case, you will have to reinstall the new mod every time along with cheats 🙂

Darkness rises hacks include wallhacks, zoom hack, damage hacks, auto-attack mods, and damage reduction. However, it is impossible for anyone to get unlimited health, free purchases, free gems and more stuff like that.


Darkness Rises Character Creation

This adventurous mobile game comes with plenty of options and creations to build your interest in the game. In this game, the character picks up the sword to enlighten the whole world.

When you start the game, you have an option to select the character by your own choice Assassin, Berserker, Warrior, and wizard. If for instance, you don’t like the character, you have an option to create a new character.


Darkness Rises Character Creation


Darkness Rises Character Creation


At the start of the game, you won’t be allowed to create a modified character but once you process in the game and start collecting gold, you can build the character of your choice.


Darkness Rises Free Gems

To make any progress in the game you need to have gems and gold, through which you can upgrade your armor and weapons. Get free gems and gold here.


Darkness Rises Free Gems


Darkness Rises Hacks

What if we reveal you can buy all the darkness rises game item for free?

Yes, that’s what you want to know..Here are the instructions below to get started…

Anti-Ban Protection: Yes

Undetectable Script: Yes

Tested and works perfectly.

Darkness Rises Online Hack Features:

Add Unlimited Gems.

Add Unlimited Gold


Darkness Rises Hacks


Darkness Rises Hacks


Darkness Rises Hacks



Follow these easy steps below!

Step1. Very important follow the exact steps as we described below! If you are using your mobile device(Android, iOS, Windows) enter your Darkness Rises user name or selects your operating system! If are you using a desktop(PC, Notebook, Mac) connect the device to PC, Notebook, Mac via USB cable and choose the device and in the User Name field put the name of the device, very important after you connect the device, open the game and leave the game open to read the data, then click the button Connect

Step2. Choose one of our proxies.

Step3. Choose the amount you want to generate to your account and click on “Hack now”

Enjoy Hacking ^_^

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2nd Method

Steps to follow for this Darkness Rises Hack Online:

1 – Click on the “Access Online Generator” button available below to access our Darkness Rises hack online page!

2 – If you are using an Android, iOS, Windows device enter your Darkness Rises username and select your platform! If you have a computer or a notebook connect the device to the PC, Notebook, Mac via USB cable/Bluetooth and choose the device then add the name of the device in the username field. Very important after you connect the device opens the game and leave the game open to read the data from the game account. After these steps just click the button Connect.

3 – Select the number of Gold and Gems you want to have added to your account and click on “Generate”.

4 – Wait only a few seconds for your request to be processed!

5 – After your request will be processed you will have to finish a verification formality. Don’t worry, it’s really easy! We do this because we need to prevent the abusive usage of our cheats. It will be very hard to keep the hacks working if they will be overloaded by fake accounts owners.

6 – As soon as you will finish the verification you will need to reboot the game and the Gold and Gems will appear in your account!

7 – Take advantage of our Darkness Rises Hack Online and become one of the best players of this game!

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Darkness Rises Maintenance

**Maintenance Completed**


Maintenance is now complete! Thank you for your patience.!

📌 Maintenance Schedule (Extended 30 minutes)

✔ 08.08/09 (Wed./Thurs.) 23:00 – 03:30 (PDT)

✔ 08.09 (Thurs.) 16:00 – 20:30 (AEST)

✔ 08.09 (Thurs.) 15:00 – 18:30 (SGT)

✔ 08.09 (Thurs.) 08:00 – 12:30 (CEST)

➡ Maintenance Detail: New Contents, Contents Improvements, New Costumes, Bug/Error Fix, New Event

➡ Maintenance Note: Access to the game will not be available during the maintenance hours.

The detailed patch note will be posted in the future 😊!



Darkness Risesnexons third-person role-playing game has been downloaded 20 million times since it was first released

Nexon is one of the biggest company which is giving its 100% for role-playing games on mobile devices and is well known for displaying outstanding graphics. It has a greater market in japan, Russia, and South Korea.


Darkness Rises Nexon


Darkness Rises Nexon


The main reason for the success of this game is its HD graphics with the real looking feel and the best quality gaming experience on mobile.

This game is designed and give the best experience to players due to its best gaming options and actions..:)

10 Darkness Rises Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

When darkness falls and multiple monsters emerge, a hero must rise up to resist them.

Nexon’s latest mobile RPG DarknessRises places you into such a frightening synopsis. This fantastical action RPG is filled with tremendous action progressions and console-level quality visuals.

The game’s hack ‘n slash journey will bring you into PVE, PVP, and Co-Op themed missions that challenge your combat expertise.

Darkness Rises Tips


In order to make sure you accumulate the world in the most proficient manner possible, we’ve put together this imperative tips guide. Be ready to brave the threats of Darkness Rises with our aid!

So there are four different character classes to choose from – the Warrior, Wizard, Berserker, and Assassin.

The Warrior is more fitted towards dishing out significant destruction and having a high resistance, while the Wizard has much-balanced stats across the board.


Darkness Rises Tips


Both characters are perfect for professionals who want less of a challenge during their experience.

• As for those who want more of a problem, the Berserker and Assassin character classes are the way to go. The Berserker is a huge damage dealer with high HP, but is put down by low pace and ordinary defense stats. As for the Assassin, that character class has high-speed stats but mediocre attack and low HP stats. Consider each of these classes’ differences before making your first character selection.


Darkness Rises Witch

The Witch is a unique crossbreed class that mixes magic and melee prowess together to massacre her enemies.

She is just as proficient with her sword as her magical endowments and offers a combat style unlike any other in Darkness Rises.

The Witch class is the typical magic caster class with plenty of ranged AoE spells, slows, knockdowns and stuns.

In addition to the new Witch class, players can now relish a renovated Camp System, giving them more options than ever, as they gear up between fights on their journey to overcome the darkness.


Darkness Rises Witch


Darkness Rises Witch


They’ll need the rest and advancement to handle a new epic boss fight, the next member of the legendary Four Guardians.

The Four Guardians are among the most challenging difficulties in Darkness Rises and with good purpose, they are based on the mythological Chinese guardians of the four cardinal objectives.


Darkness Rises Wizard

Disables are all the more notable for wizards because they never want to get up close and secluded with their contestants and need additional time to learn the right distance.

Lightning Grip is a skill with comparatively low damage output, but the point that its cooldown is so low actually extends a wizard’s overall DPS.

This ability also tentatively cripples the opponent when it lands, which makes it easier to connect with Judgment Flash (knockback effect) or Blade Tornado (stun effect).


Darkness Rises Wizard


Darkness Rises Wizard


If you find that the range for Blade Tornado is inaccessible, you can turn it out for Scatterspell (stun effect), which has a lower loss output but is easier to land.

In general, you should avoid counting all three spells in one session. Instead, use combos of two and further auto attacks.

Start with Lighting Grip, then use one other ability and take benefit of the disable continuation to launch in your high damage primary attacks.


Darkness Rises Costumes

As soon as you open PvE Co-op events and PvP matches in Darkness Rises, you’re forced to notice some of the exceptional gear other players are wearing – first, because it looks impressive, and second, because these players have exponentially more character power than you do.


Darkness Rises Costumes


Darkness Rises Costumes


You instantly turn to your own character gear screen and you meditate. How do you take this motley equipment of yours and turn it into 500,000+ power?


Darkness Rises Camp

Darkness Rises is absolute eye candy in terms of recently published Android RPGs, but much of the game takes place after the scenes of impressive hacking and severing.

In a different guide, we talked about the value of customizing your gear to maximize your character’s power.


Darkness Rises Camp


Darkness Rises Camp


Elsewhere, we explained the complications of skills and characteristics, as well as how you can make the best of your resources as you level up.

The one thing that all of these upgrades have in general, though, is gold – and lots of it.


Is it possible darkness rises change appearance in the middle of the game?

Ans: YES